He's been studying space for more than two decades, and now a self-confessed UFO expert reckons he's well and truly hit the jackpot.

Mark Christopher Lee is convinced he has captured a truly unexplainable phenomenon on camera after carrying out a bizarre ritual in a bid to "summon aliens". The filmmaker from Hertfordshire is now hoping experts will analyse his footage after releasing his findings in a brand-new free-to-watch TV documentary on Amazon Prime.

Chatting exclusively to the Mirror ahead of its release, Mark tells us he and a group of pals were sat in field behind his garden moments before the strange sighting. They were attempting to film a "CE5 protocol", short for Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind.

The bonkers theory was initially widely circulated by a Dr. Stephen Greer who believes, with the help of meditation, anyone can contact life in Outerspace. "I decided to put it to the test," Mark, who studied science at university, explained. "I gathered some of my friends, UFO experts, we got together and hung out in the field at the back of my house.

"We were just chilling out, meditating, to see to see if it would work really. We sat in a circle and we played a bit of music. Basically, just putting our thoughts out there, this is what you're supposed to do and then that would supposedly attract UFOs etc."

He was filming the experiment for his new documentary, aptly titled UFO Encounters of the Fifth Kind, and was trying to summon spaceships for some time before some of Mark's more sceptical pals decided it was time to give up – they'd captured nothing.

"We had a good time, we saw planes and stars, obviously," Mark explained. But moments after the group decided to stop documenting their failed attempt to contact aliens, something supernatural began to happen. "It was getting quite dark so we turned the cameras off," Marks tells us. "Then we started seeing unexplainable stuff."

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