This is the incredible moment a UFO was captured shooting across the moon's surface - baffling an astronomer.

Dr. Sebastian Voltmer was recording the night sky through a telescope when an object blasted through the image.

Despite carrying out checks and not being a UFO fanatic he still cannot explain the footage.

Voltmer said: “While I was filming the moon, I suddenly saw a fast, bright something darting through the image."

At first he thought it must have been a satellite or space station it was at a different point in Earth's orbit at the time and satellites don't normally shoot past the moon at such high speeds.

It is believed to have not been a meteor due to its distinctive tail being missing and its slower speed.

And the International Meteor Organisation did not have any records of one of the shooting stars at the time Voltmer was filming, reports

This object would have to be enormous in size.

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