In Arizona, US, residents were left puzzled after spotting an unidentified blue object floating across the sky, reigniting discussions and theories about UFOs. Multiple witnesses observed the object, which quickly became a hot topic of discussion. With UFO sightings on the rise, the incident has captured the attention of both researchers and the general public, who are eager to know the mysteries behind these strange events. Following the sightings, local authorities and experts were flooded with inquiries, yet no clear explanation has been provided to the public.

The sighting was initially reported by a Scottsdale resident who was out for an evening walk with their dog. Describing the object as a luminous cigar shaped UFO, the object moved in an unusual manner, going up and down without making any sound. Witnesses reported the UFO hovered in the night sky for over 30 minutes.

As per the Instagram page, the witness stated, “Filmed on my iPhone 13 Pro, I was taking my dog for a walk back to my apartment and saw a weird blue light. It looked like a rope hanging in the sky and going up and down. It was taller than the planes passing by, we may have an airport nearby, so planes are very common. He hung up and down for 30 minutes and then fell, I lost my sight.” Meanwhile, sharing the video, the page wrote, “F-15 Fighter flying close to a UFO in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

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