A weather-mapping system has captured a large wave anomaly between Antarctica and southern Africa for the second time in a month, sparking online speculation from internet sleuths.

A wave anomaly in the same area was first captured by Ventusky, a meteorological app run by the Czech company InMeteo, on April 10.

At the time, internet sleuths speculated that the unusual sea activity could have various explanations, including the involvement of aliens.

However, Ventusky's spokesperson David Prantl told Newsweek that the mysterious blob was due to a "model error."

Ventusky uses real-time data collated from sources including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Another large wave anomaly appeared on the map from 8 am ET on April 25 and reached over 80 feet at its highest point. Over the next 24 hours, the shape appeared to spread and diffuse as it moved north.

The shape of the anomaly is interesting.

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