Sasquatches "generally do not like dogs and will kill them", according to a cryptozoologist, following claims Bigfoot murdered a pen full of pooches and "drank their blood".

Last month documentary maker Kelley Lockman revealed he believed Bigfoot had killed a deer and a buzzard before drinking their blood and leaving their corpses in some woods in North Carolina, US, as a "warning".

He shared images of the bodies and also uploaded a short documentary to the I Believe In Bigfoot YouTube channel, in which he spoke to Carolyn Allen.

Carolyn said she believes a similar thing happened to her dogs. She explained how the pen they were kept in was 8ft tall and "not damaged at all" after the incident, leading her to conclude something vaulted over it. The dead dogs looked similar to the deer, with their heads twisted, and she also said they had "puncture wounds" as if something had drank their blood.

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