If we want another social disrupter in this “Year of Chaos,” the full public disclosure that UFOs are real would do the job. We saw UFOs go mainstream last year as congress started openly interrogating people over their involvement with UFOs or their knowledge of people or departments involved with them. One story in the news today summarizes how many members of congress are convinced the deep state has been hiding evidence from congress for decades. Here’s a rundown of the story, which is included in the headlines at the end of this editorial:

Newly declassified documents reveal that two of our nation’s most senior senators in recent years were/are convinced the U.S. government secretly retrieved exotic craft of “non-human” origin. Senator Chuck Schumer and the late Sen. Harry Reid have had bipartisan support from a number of other high-level senators over the years for their inquiries into what is being hidden about UFOs by the intel. agencies/military departments of the US government. Some of those ranking senators claim to have observed UFOs directly.

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