So much went down this past week in the world of the UAP/ UFO Phenomenon. Former head of AARo was asked by Steven Greenstreet about the claim by Brandon Fugal that he was at a meeting in 2018 regarding Skinwalker Ranch. When asked Kirkpatrick seemd caught off guard. He said he did not recall being there, said he was at a meeting as a concsultant but wasn't leading and it wasn't about the ranch. He then emailed Greenstreet and said he was out of town in 2018 and never met Fugal. When told Fugal responded by firing off three pictures on social media, one proving that Kirkpatrick was indeed there. So what does this mean? If Kirkpatrick is not telling thr truth, what else might have been false narrative? The AARO report from a few months ago? More? Less? The attempted meetings with David Grusch? Speaking of Grusch, he is not doing the Salt Foundation anymore but KARL NELL has been announced to replace him. What will he say? Lue Elizondo's claims of where he worked might have been confirmed. We look into this and more on today's episode of The Big Thing UAP Tuesday with Kristian Harloff and Mark Reilly. We round up the latest in the world of UFO news.

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