This is a prehistoric sloth, not a skinwalker, but, like, nobody cares.

Well that interview didn’t go according to script, did it?

See, this is what happens when an ostensibly smart guy like Sean Kirkpatrick surrounds himself with hand-picked beat reporters who, in pursuit of access to power and sourcing, swallow each and every pronouncement on faith and refuse to call him out on anything. Like Muhammad Ali, Kirkpatrick should’ve been preparing for the unexpected juke with sparring partners like Tim Witherspoon or Larry Holmes, not the housecat palookas who softened him up for what should’ve been a non-event last week. Instead, the former director of the Pentagon’s wretched All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office got inadvertently tripped up by one of his own media allies – and now he looks like just another tired cliche.

But the first question we should ask is, why is this guy still doing press interviews in the first place? Is it vanity? Are there rhetorical or other scores he feels the need to settle with real or imagined antagonists?

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