Titled the "UAP Transparency Act," a reference to the government's new preferred term for UFOs of "unidentified aerial/anomalous phenomenon," the new law introduced by Tennessee Republican Tim Burchett would require that all documents about these phenomena be declassified.

"It's simple," Burchett told Fox News of his bill. "They spend all this time telling us they don't exist, then release the files, dagnabbit."

One of the legislative branch's most outspoken believers in extraterrestrials, the Tennesee congressman once claimed that "UFOs were in the Bible," specifically citing the chapter of Ezekiel as evidence.

As such, he's long used his power and podium to urge the government to share more information with the public about any knowledge of UFOs.

"This bill isn’t all about finding little green men or flying saucers, it’s about forcing the Pentagon and federal agencies to be transparent with the American people," Burchett said in the bill's press release. "I’m sick of hearing bureaucrats telling me these things don’t exist while we’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars on studying them for decades."

Good luck with that. Admirable effort, though.

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