A crewman involved with one of the world's most famous UFO sightings says he saw another craft with his own eyes.

Omara Lara was on board the USS Nimitz when a "TicTac" UFO was spotted hurtling at impossible speeds off the Californian coast.

And, speaking on the UAP Studies podcast, he said people who haven’t been keeping up with the subject since the news of the 2004 sightings would be shocked if they saw what he had seen.

Describing how he spoke with two other Nimitz crewmen who had witnessed the unexplained objects flying around the carrier group over a number of days, he said: “We're basically embedded with this stuff, but if you get the general public who are not part of our subculture, they’re going to have different reactions they're going to get scared …I don't think entirely everyone is ready.”

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