Experts have claimed footage of aliens lurking in a back garden suggests their UFO had to make an “emergency landing”.

Veteran crime scene reconstruction analyst Scott Roder also said the purported aliens, which landed in a Las Vegas family's backyard last April, used "some kind of cloaking device" to hide from humans.

Teenager Angel Kenmore, 17, came face-to-face with the paranormal beings in his back garden.

Angel said: “We were in the backyard, and then, out of nowhere, we just saw a big light fall down. It basically crashed in the backyard. And a couple of seconds later, I saw the big giant creature in front of me.

"It was moving and breathing. It was p*ssed off, like it wanted to do something looking at me." He described the first being as growling "like a dog". Angel called 911 and told a dispatcher he saw a "tall, skinny alien creature with greenish colour," about 8- to 10-feet tall, hiding behind their forklift in the backyard.

Mr Roder says he has analysed the footage using motion tracking software and AI.

With Jim Quirk, a reporter who produces the ‘Extraterrestrial Reality’ podcast, Mr Roder went through the same process he uses to prepare for trials to point out "anomalies" in a witness's video.

Quirk said he became involved after one of his subscribers, Julia June, pointed out a blur in the right-hand corner of the video.

He said: "Now we finally are able to prove scientifically that there were actual alien beings in that backyard."

Not at all convincing.

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