Could Bigfoot be residing in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey? One man certainly thinks so, claiming he heard and smelled a Bigfoot whilst out camping.

The encounter reportedly took place back in December 2014 but wasn't reported to the Bigfoot Field Research Organisation until 2019. Only now have the details been published on The witness, only referred to as Mark K, was living rough at the time, and camped near an in-progress development when his bracing encounter unfolded.

He had set up what he dubbed a "stealth camping site", where he says he heard and sensed what he later surmised to be Bigfoot. Coyotes typically congregated near his tent every night around 8:30 pm, engaged in their usual antics before eventually retiring into the deeper woods, reports Cat Country.

"They would fight, howl, and run around doing god knows what for a few hours before finally heading into the deep woods. They didn't seem to be scared of me being there and they never gave me any trouble but I would sleep with a 26-inch full tang short sword in my hand each night just in case," Mark said.

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