A group of small “hairy, grey aliens” once appeared on Earth and controlled the minds of covert American officials to stop them from recovering a UFO crash site.

The bombshell claims comes from now-released emails from former CIA scientist, Hal Puthoff and ex-CIA Life Sciences Division analyst, Kit Green.

They were published in a UFO magazine in 1999 under the pseudonym Greg Halifax, where he recalled the story of someone called Sedge Masters, who was part of a team trying to retrieve a crashed UFO/UAP.

The man called Sedge claims it was the “blackest of American covert operations” and involved several members of the intelligence community – but they had all been vetted relating to their psychological profiles.

Each site – ranging from New Mexico to Denmark and even Midwest in the United States – was given a name based on a zodiacal star signs. But the one most concerning the community was called Zodiac, and revolved around the Nordic regions.

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