A bright, glowing UFO, a classic 'cigar'-shape reported by witnesses for decades, has now been caught on military-grade night vision video.

The unknown, seemingly slow and silently moving object, 'looked like a blur with [the] naked eye,' according to the Montana local who spotted it this June.

The blur only took on a more defined shape with the aid of the witness's night vision camera, made by military contractor SiOnyx which also makes consumer models.

The unusual, long cylinder of light appears to slowly glide at an angle in front of an expansive starfield above 'Big Sky Country' — just before disappearing behind a mountain range visible from the witness's location along Airport Road in Belgrade. 

The sighting occurred less the four miles to the east of Montana's Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, also in Belgrade, although the eerie video contains no sounds of commercial air traffic as the UFO drifts across the starry night sky.

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