A team of investigators have claimed to have discovered evidence of interdimensional portals under a bridge where a staggering number of drivers have been killed. 

Ex-CIA agent Andy Bustamante and journalist Paul Beban, who delve into paranormal and extraterrestrial activity on their show Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, alleged that they found the cause of the mysterious motor deaths. 

The bridge, found on the Miller Ranch in Colorado, has seen at least 15 drivers lose their lives, alongside 16 cattle mutilations across the past 25 years. 

Using LIDAR ground laser technology, they claimed to find evidence of underground vacuums under the bridge that were highly strange.

In fact, by the end of the episode, a 3-D model of the bridge constructed from the LIDAR had some points located completely underground - something the investigators say might be due to time-slowing anomaly.

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