A man has sparked a debate after posting a video of a mysterious 'elongated object' gliding across London's sky. The 40-second clip, shared on Reddit's UFO thread, shows the object moving "very slowly" from left to right around 11pm.

The footage reveals a bright, orange moon low in the sky with an odd 'line' over halfway down it. This line travels from the centre of the moon to its edge throughout the video. The Reddit user commented: "I saw this object moving across the moon (beautiful orangey moon) last night. I can tell you it was exactly 23:06."

"Besides being awestruck by the moon's beauty, I couldn't believe there was a long object moving very slowly from left to right! Has anyone seen anything like this before and can someone help me find an explanation, please? I posted on the London subreddit, but I'm not sure we found any explanations."

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