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The Cartan exterior differential forms imply a kind of Dirac square root of Einstein’s 1916 metric tensor spin 2 theory of the intrinsice curvature gravitational field. The Cartan gravity tetrad fields are spin 1 just like the electromagnetic-weak-strong forces. This means, according to Gerardus ‘t Hooft’s work of ~ 1973 that quantum gravity should be renormalizable unlike the historical tensor version that is a composite of two spin 1 tetrad fields. The timelike geodesic LIF tetrad fields can even describe the zero g-force geodesics including light rays described by the Penrose-Newman “null tetrads.” Rindler and Penrose then show that the null tetrads are really composites of pairs of 2-spinor qubits realizing Wheeler’s intuition of




Nobel Laureate, Frank Wilzcek in his book “The Lightness of Being” describes the post-inflation “multi-layered multi-colored vacuum superconductor.” Just like the frictionless supercurrents in helum and superconductors are the gradients of the macro-quantum coherent Goldstone phases , similarly, it appears to me, that the four Cartan one form gravitational tetrad fields and their associated six Cartan one-form spin connection fields that couple leptons and quarks to gravity, derive from the eight massless gluon coherent Goldstone phases of the QCD SU3 strong force. That is, there appears to be a deep unification of non-compact T4(x) gravity with the compact SU3(x) strong force via a 4x4 M-Matrix from eight Cartan zero form “super-potentials.” In other words gravity comes from the disclination curvature and dislocation torsion distortions of what Hagen Kleinert calls the “world crystal lattice,” i.e. a 4D “supersolid” vacuum superconductor. Einstein’s 1916 theory is simply the low energy limit of the lattice theory. Even more astounding is the idea that this 3D + 1 lattice is a back-from-the-future retrocausal hologram image of the 2D+1 surrounding surface “future event horizon” that houses the conscious Omega Point supercomputer of 10123 BITS that we call GOD(D).  I will develop this in detail in my revised version of Space-Time and Beyond.
excerpt from Destiny Matrix 2012