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For static LNIF detectors at constant r assuming a future dS metric
we are at r = 0

gtt = 1 - /\r^2 = -1/grr

out future horizon that we are inside of is at r = /\^-1/2


dt = ds(0)/gtt(0) = ds(/\^-1/2)

ds(0) = ds(/\^-1/2)/0

i.e. ds(/\^-1/2) = 0

frequency f ~ 1/ds

Therefore, a retarded signal leaving r = 0 is infinitely blue shifted at the future event horizon and an advanced signal coming back to us from the future is infinitely redshifted.

However, the Cramer transaction is unaffected - the infinities in the offer and confirmation wave cancel out at r = 0 emission (radiation reaction etc).

Horizon complementarity comes in because the virtual electron-positron pairs at the horizon "computer" (Seth Lloyd) are static LNIFs that get pulled out of the vacuum into a very hot plasma of real electron-positron pairs that should I guess effectively absorb the highly blue shifted photons?