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On Oct 7, 2011, at 12:42 PM, March, Paul (JSC-EP6)[Jacobs Technology] wrote:

I think Jack’s below quote from the site you pointed us to says it best, especially his last sentence that I highlighted and underlined.

"I was the UFO ranter," wrote Sarfatti.

"The whole point of my talk and my later 'rant' was that all this talk of conventional craft moving through space is not how we will get to the stars and beyond," added Sarfatti, "My point about the UFOs is that they are data that we have been contacted by advanced intelligences, possibly us back from the future, and that tells us that warp and wormhole are practical in spite of all the naysayers. All of the propulsion discussed at DARPA-NASA is good for space exploration inside our solar system but not outside it."

If humans ever go to the stars, we will have to follow in the footsteps of the interstellar / temporal visitors that show up around our planet from time to time.  And that folks requires us to first understand and then be able to build Star Trek like impulse and warp drives.  Jim Woodward, Jack Sarfatti, John Brandenburg, Sonny White and others are all trying to show us the ways these goals might be accomplished.  I advise that we listen to all of them and take heed…
Paul March
Friendswood, TX

On Oct 7, 2011, at 12:41 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

Not sure if I like "Rogue" before my name. ;-)

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Jack's UFO rant is the front page story at

Comments are encouraged.

Thank you

Gary S. Bekkum
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Subject: Three Cheers for Jack- for mentioning the "UFO elephant in the room " plus the Sarfatti Conjecture Starship drive

Dear Friends, I say three cheers for Jack! He deserves great credit for calling attention to the “elephant in the room” at the DARPA starship conference: the UFO problem. Or, as the heroine Cassandra Chen, in my UFO novel- Morningstar Pass, says: “not only are we not alone in the universe, we are not even lonely” This UFO phenomenon, by itself ( which I am convinced is basically extraterrestrial) says that there is some way to easily travel light years between the stars. It is similar to deducing the fact that heavier than air flight is possible, by observing the flight of birds. ( Simon Newcomb!- open your eyes!) Now to technologies: The Sarfatti Conjecture

Several Years Ago Jack Sarfatti made an ingenious conjecture in an email exchange : Jack proposed that the dark energy term , the cosmological constant term might not always be constant, but could have a 4-divergence. This means that the dark energy is only a constant to first order, like the pressure in the rooms we all sit in, and like this pressure, it represents a substance that can receive and give up momentum-energy and thus be used for propulsion. If the cosmo-term can have divergence- as Jack proposed- than the divergence of the conventional stress energy tensor, that serves as the main source term for the Einstein Tensor- then since the Einstein tensor's divergence vanishes automatically the ordinary stress energy tensor: EM fields and normal matter, must be able to make up the difference- in other words the conventional stress energy tensor divergence must balance the new, non-vanishing ‘dark energy’ divergence. Therefore, as Jack suggested- you can propel a starship by transferring momentum and energy to the dark energy much like a submarine transfers momentum to the sea water around it by a propeller, or a propeller driven airplane flies. Jack called the is general idea the “vacuum propeller” concept. Mathematically, with the dark energy term represented as the tensor Duv, this is formulated thusly:

Guv = 8piG Tuv + guv Lambda = 8piG Tuv + Duv Div-4 (Guv) =0 , Div-4 (8piG Tuv + Duv) =0 ergo ? Div-4 (Tuv) = Div-4(Duv) I say it should be recognized as the Sarfatti Conjecture- the idea that the dark energy represents a substance in the vacuum that can receive and give up momentum- thus leading to starship propulsion.

It is my own hypothesis that the Duv tenor is due to a low energy tachyonic fluid with nearly vanishing pressure. So the starship of future will use ‘Sarfatti Conjecture Drive’- that is propelling itself using the “dark side energy” term The vacuum, is thus not really a vacuum, and that means we can push against it!

More soon!


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Subject: Fw: DARPA’s 100-year starship symposium: alien religion, solar propulsion, and - Slate Magazine


Catch the SLATE site about the DARPA meeting....

They also include some mention of aneutronic fusion...

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"On Sunday morning, the guys from Sol Seed (“Bringing Life Even Unto the Galaxy”) passed out fliers stating four rather ambitious, and divergent, goals. The first is to build an “eco-village community in Portland,” while the fourth is “contributing to the destiny of life: spreading beyond Earth to take root amongst the stars!” Surprisingly, though, only one guy ranted about UFOs. (“I’m not talking about the crazy people. I’m talking about solid military evidence, CIA, DIA.”) He left the room quietly when the panelists refused to engage him. Of course Doug Trumbull brought up the UFO issue again on Sunday."
The Slate reporter has a bad memory. The incident with me and Eric Davis was on Saturday..

My comment at SLATE on this:

Jack Sarfatti
I was an invited speaker in the exotic physics. My talk was on low power warp drive with metamaterials and the use of coherent states for faster-than--light and back-from-the-future interstellar communications. I have a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California. I am featured in MIT physics professor's new book "How the Hippies Saved Physics" and in Wikipedia. I was the UFO ranter and it happened on Saturday not on Sunday as Mr. Kakaes inaccurately insinuates. Mr. Kakaes fails to mention that on Sunday 2001 special effects designer Douglas Trumbull backed me up on the UFO issue and even mentioned my name while doing it in front of most of the attendees in the main ballroom at the closing sessions. The Romanian chap Mr. Kakaes refers to was not a physicist and yes did not have any answers, but posed the right questions for which I do have the answers. Contrary to Mr. Kakaes's understanding, the technology is not non-existent. Background for this is in David Kaiser's excellent historical book mentioned above. Also Mr. Kakaes mis-spelled John Cramer's name.