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On Oct 7, 2011, at 1:24 PM, Ron Stahl wrote:


Since you're seeking feedback, I'd make just four points:

--There is no mention of a stargate left on the Skinwalker ranch in the book.  Seemed to me, the description is of a wormhole that had no mechanical device on the ranch itself.  Have you read the book you're reporting on?

Quibble, quibble. Star Gate = Wormhole functionally the same - you are making a distinction that makes no significant difference - whether nuts and bolts metal is or is not involved is secondary.

--IIRC, Kit was a senior officer at CIA, not merely an analyst; for ten years.

Good point

--IMHO, bringing up a rumor spawned by delusion merely so you can answer it is yellow journalism.  Much better to ignore the rumors and focus on the facts.  By mixing in the obviously wrong, you diminish the presentation of the factual issues.  Besides, Jack was not a NIDS member nor did he visit the ranch, so why would you treat his word as authoritative concerning the rumor?  Makes no sense and is certainly improper sourcing.

Wrong - because disinformation is an intelligence tool and it's important to know what was that strange French woman's motive? Was she part of some French-Swiss-Italian UFO Cult? This is a mystery. What was she doing at Simon Daniel's conference to begin with? - not only with her tough-looking bodyguard, but the equally strange bald French physicists who gave an odd talk on star gates. BTW that guy from the automotive place you got into a tiff with was at the DARPA meeting. I forget his name - the boyfriend of Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. Vallee told me at DARPA Orlando that he did meet her in Paris only because he was intrigued about the "group of 28" in France, Italy et-al - as I was. I have been asked by Renee Barnett of the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory TV show to appear on it. However, I think that would only make sense if they get Jacques Vallee, Kit Green, Eric Davis, George Knapp and Nick Cook to also appear on it since they all have key pieces of information that I do not have.

--You never said what it was Jack was presenting on.  Seems an odd thing to neglect.

Excellent point!

Just one person's opinion.  :-)  Otherwise, a fascinating look at what must have been a swell time had by all.