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On Oct 7, 2011, at 3:19 PM, Adam Crowl wrote:

Hi Jack's Mailing-List

At Project Icarus and Icarus Interstellar, we discuss Fermi all the time. The guys all know that I basically agree with Greg Matloff, who I finally got to meet at the 100YSS, that ETIs are probably local - in the Kuiper Belt.

Maybe, but that will not explain the good saucer data where the craft make high-speed U-turns ~ 100 g - that can only be done with zero-g warp drive consuming relatively small amounts of power. There is other evidence but this is not the time and place to get into that in detail. For example, see the Laurance Rockefeller report for more references

Marie Galbraith


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Ufo Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence

Marie Galbraith; Don Berliner; Antonio Huneeus



Dell Pub Co
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Reassessing some of the most compelling UFO cases ever recorded, this definitive study of the possible existence of alien contact with Earth reveals critical evidence about UFOs, including eyewitness accounts, scientific research, documented sightings, and photographs. Original.

The late Scottish CETI researcher, Chris Boyce, worked on a theory that such communities watch us via advanced proxies, some indistinguishable from organic beings, even humans, while others use advanced cloaking. One thing I emphasize about UFOs - the real ones, not the hoaxes, pareidolia, and PsyOps - is that They are only seen by choice. There are no "accidental sightings" of the real monitoring vehicles.

Whether They have FTL is an open question for me. They definitely have advanced neutrino or gravity drives because their emissions are so benign. Or maybe They're into something simple and robust like variable volume, ultra-low mass vacuum floatation systems. Or Magnetic field manipulations. So UFOs aren't yet an existence proof of FTL, for me. Maybe They're watching Jack to see if his theories pan-out?

The conventional propulsion alternatives all involve unacceptable time dilation. Without warp drives and wormholes interstellar exploration is impossible. Of course, fusion, fission, light sails, ion thrusters et-al are useful for solar system exploration and as auxiliary power systems in warp-wormhole star ships.

Adam Crowl