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On Oct 7, 2011, at 5:30 PM, Ron Stahl wrote:


Thanks for instigating this post.  I'd very much love to learn about what happened down in Orlando.

Given Jack pointed at the elephant (and thanks for that, Jack!) I'm curious about the specific responses on the board.

Here is one just in:

On Oct 7, 2011, at 5:18 PM, Marc G. Millis wrote:


Please remove me from all your distribution lists when dealing with topics of UFOs.



Marc is what Colin Bennett calls a Victorian Station-Master. Don't get me wrong. We need them to run the trains on time. ;-)

Marc gave a good talk on the current literature. He is fearful of losing funding, not that there is any of course, if he embraces UFOs as a legitimate topic of debate for the 100 year Starship Project. Eric Davis can't hide his past on this of course - just Google -  and I am pretty sure he froze up because of funding fears.

Both Eric and Marc are competent and do a good job at the middle-management level. Charismatic leaders they are not. ;-)

I love this analogy you've shared and intend to steal it; that just as birds were evidence of heavier than air flight before the advent of such, saucer sightings are evidence of interstellar travel.

This point is perfectly obvious. The cognitive dissonance here is astounding. This is the scientific analog of "political correctness" and "liberals with mental disorders."

I am confused as to whether when Jack made his point, this also included the evidence cited in Skinwalker.

The whole exchange took only a few seconds. I was like Death entering the room for these poor chaps. They cringed, went pale. ;-)

I did not want to make a scene and as I felt my blood pressure rising and my testosterone raging I decided discretion was the better part of valor and quietly marched out of the hall in silent protest. ;-)

Was there a discussion that at least two people, people chosen on their own merits as part of a science discovery team, and therefore hopefully reliable witnesses; witnessed the event of a wormhole transit?

No, it never got to that. All of that is a taboo topic for these politically correct gentlemen. ;-)

Likewise, I'm curious about whether Jim Woodward's work had some representation in this regard.

Jim's work was mentioned briefly in passing in an earlier session but written off I think by Millis as inconclusive - noise too close to signal.

As Jim is currently writing what will surely become the definitive work on building wormhole generators, I'd like to know what if any was the discussion of his work?

No, not that- only his Mach effect propeller idea. Time was limited and that he was mentioned twice albeit briefly was reasonable.

Let me make it clear, I thought the content of both Marc Millis's and Eric Davis's talks good and had no problem with that. It's the politics of UFOS that raises their hackles.