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NEWS | UFOs Crash and Burn at 100 Year Starship Symposium | STARstream Research
Rogue physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti crashes the UFO topic into DARPA's 100 Year Starship Symposium. Are there any clues left smoldering in the debris field? | STARstream Research | | News, Feature Stories, and more.
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Jack Sarfatti "A century can fundamentally change our understanding of our universe and reality," proclaims the DARPA website, "Man’s desire to explore space and achieve the seemingly impossible is at the center of the 100 Year Starship Study Symposium. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and NASA Ames Research Center (serving as execution agent), are working together to convene thought leaders dealing with the practical and fantastic issues man needs to address to achieve interstellar flight one hundred years from now."
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Jack Sarfatti This part of my DARPA-NASA paper fundamentally changes our understanding of the universe and reality:
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Jack Sarfatti The transmitter can send the message retrocausally after the message is received. The signal nonlocality is metric independent not restricted by the causal light cone. The choice of where and when to transmit and where and when to receive is completely contingent on the free will of Alice and Bob for the same entangled pair. For example, Alice may be on a Starship many light years from Bob who stays on Earth. The coherent state is stored on the Starship whilst the specific qubit it is entangled with is stored in Bob’s receiver. Bob can receive future messages from Alice. Indeed, both of them can communicate with each other, each in their own real time, no matter what their global space-time separation is – if this general quantum theory with signal nonlocality proves correct.