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BTW I just noticed Stewart Brand was there, though I did not encounter him. Yes indeed, the New Age "feel-good" leftist "asteroid hugger" social agenda was "Woodstock" very apt comparison as one keynote speaker put it. ;-)

I don't know what you think you looked at. Again if you really want to know the relevant vetted literature I am sure that Puthoff, Maccabee, Brandenburg, Vallee and Friedman, for a start can guide you. So can Eric Davis who worked for Robert Bigelow at NIDS on UFOs and who currently works for Puthoff. Davis's reaction at Orlando 100 year Star Ship was obviously political in some way - he did not want to discuss what he really knows.

Your logic below is most peculiar Jim. It seems to my way of thinking that if we see warp-wormhole technology in the skies from an advanced intelligence intruder that can knock our air force out of the sky and disable our nuclear missiles that is the most important fact we can have! It tells us that Hawking's chronology protection conjecture and other no-can-do arguments are wrong. Furthermore, I think the paper I gave at Orlando shows how they work. Of course, I can be wrong, but I am not even wrong. In any case, it's our best shot in my opinion. I am again attaching the final draft of my Orlando paper.

You want disclosure? - the attached pdf is my best shot at that to date.

BTW also see the Rockefeller report put together by Don Berliner and my friend Bootsie Galbraith for an extensive list of vetted references by I think Hal Puthoff and Jacques Vallee if I am not mistaken. UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence (Google eBook)

Don Berliner, Marie Galbraith, Antonio Huneeus
Random House Digital, Inc., 2000 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 256 pages
From Government secret files...The report that shocked the Congress!

The shattering report that stunned the world's top leaders now available to the public!

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Well, I looked at that "literature" many years ago.  While some of it is entertaining, only one case was attended by information that might have some physics relevance -- the so-called RB-47 case (where passive monitoring electronics was present and recorded a strong 3 GHz signal).  I see nothing in your conjecture that would relate to the signal detected in that case.  The rest of the reports -- even if you take them as legitimate -- at most can be taken as evidence that someone has figured out how to do warp/wormhole tech.  So what?  That's not the question.  

Of course it is the question in my way of thinking.

The question is: can we figure out how to do the tech?

Of course we can. I think I have, though I may be wrong - that remains to be seen.

You don't need to talk about UFOs to answer that question.

Of course, we do. It's the 800 lb gorilla in the room to my way of thinking and to Brandenburg's and others.

They are a needless distraction that debase a serious discussion of how to do the tech.

Dead wrong in my way of thinking. Totally antithetical to my judgement here.


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Date: October 11, 2011 7:55:21 AM PDT
To: "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." You are painfully ignorant of the facts about UFOS. I suggest you start with the classic reports from the 1950's by Paul Hill and Major Ruppelt (online). Hal Puthoff can guide you. Hal has had the highest security clearances and is convinced they are real. They have warp-wormhole technology in my opinion and we are like lilliputians trying to reinvent Gulliver's wheel. In any case I cannot be constrained in what I write. I cannot have one hand tied behind my back. :-) JACK SARFATTI
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