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“The future, and the future alone, is the home of explanation.”

      Henry Dwight Sedgwick, “An Apology for Old Maids” (1908)


You are now about to enter into a real Twilight Zone X-Files in which we are 3D hologram images projected from the future Mind of God located on our 2D future event horizon associated with the dark energy accelerating the expansion of our observable universe. The UFO data suggest that we can make Star Trek real. Our Mission Impossible Quixotic objective is to create low power dark energy warp drive and stargate time travel to the past and to parallel universes next door on neighboring branes. The tales that follow are the facts as truthfully as I, and the others, can recall. Believe it or not depending on your comfort zone dealing with the uncanny.


The basic idea of the Destiny Matrix, that our future influences our present that I have been professing since the 1970’s is now becoming mainstream. For example, the FQ Foundation website[1] published:


The Destiny of the Universe

“A radical reformulation of quantum mechanics suggests that the universe has a set destiny and its pre-existing fate reaches back in time to influence the past. It could explain the origin of life, dark energy and solve other cosmic conundrums. …

The universe has a destiny—and this set fate could be reaching backwards in time and combining with influences from the past to shape the present. It’s a mind-bending claim, but some cosmologists now believe that a radical reformulation of quantum mechanics in which the future can affect the past could solve some of the universe’s biggest mysteries, including how life arose. What’s more, the researchers claim that recent lab experiments are dramatically confirming the concepts underpinning this reformulation. …


‘It’s a very, very profound idea,’ says (Paul )Davies. (Yakir) Aharonov’s take on quantum mechanics can explain all the usual results that the conventional interpretations can, but with the added bonus that it also explains away nature’s apparent indeterminism. What’s more, a theory in which the future can influence the past may have huge—and much needed—repercussions for our understanding of the universe, says Davies.
Cosmologists studying the conditions of the early universe have been puzzling about why the cosmos seems so ideally suited for life. There are other mysteries too: Why is the expansion of the universe speeding up? What is the origin of the magnetic fields seen in galaxies? And why do some cosmic rays appear to have impossibly high energies? These questions cannot be answered just by looking at the past conditions of the universe. But perhaps, Davies ponders, if the cosmos has set final conditions in place—a destiny—then this, combined with the influence of the initial conditions set out at the beginning of the universe, might together perfectly explain these cosmic conundrums.”


by Julie Rehmeyer on July 2, 2010


Herbert Gold wrote in “Bohemia” (Simon & Schuster, 1993)


“The Bohemian physicist…contributes a balanced scientific non establishment for this expanding society. I don’t mean to disparage the work; either…among all the blatherers there sometimes appears a breakthrough thinker. Originality has always required a fertile expanse of fumble and mistake.  That’s the beauty of the option.  Your wastrel life might turn out to be just what’s required to save the planet. …


Sarfatti’s Cave is the name I’ll give to the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, where Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. in physics, writes his poetry, evokes his mystical, miracle-working ancestors, and has conducted a several-decade-long seminar on the nature of reality …


One of his soaring theories is that things, which have not happened, yet can cause events in the present…Obviously this has consequences for prediction, the nature of causality, our conceptions of logic … He has published papers in respectable physics journals. His poetry is widely photocopied. His correspondence with the great in several fields is voluminous, recorded on computer disks. Cornell University BA, University of California Ph.D., his credentials are impeccable.   


Following is a quotation from a lecture given to a San Francisco State University physics seminar on 30 April 1991:”


Causality-Violating Quantum Action-at-a-Distance?


The universe is created by intelligent design but the Designer lives in our far future[2] and has evolved from us [3]…Perhaps all of the works of cultural genius, from the music of Mozart to the physics of Einstein, have their real origin in the future. The genius may be a real psychic channeler whose mind is open to telepathic messages from the future.[4]  The genius must be well trained in his or her craft and intellectually disciplined with the integrity of the warrior in order to properly decode the quantum signals from the future. The purpose of our existence would then be to ensure, not only the creation of life on earth, but also the creation of the big bang itself!  We obviously cannot fail since the universe cannot have come into existence without us in this extreme example of Borgesian quantum solipsism.  Existentialism is wrong because it is an incorrect extrapolation of the old physics. Breton’s surrealism, with its Jungian idea of meaningful coincidence, is closer to the truth.  This would then be “The Final Secret of the Illuminati[5] - that charismatic chain of adepts[6] in quixotic quest of their “Impossible Dream” of the Grail. Enough of my subjective vision, now on to the objective physics.  pp. 14-16


“So now I am in the first hour of one of my deaths. The thought made me dizzy. I was reminded of Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. physicist and reincarnation of the eleventh-century mystic Rabbi Sarfatti…with rapt descriptions of how events from the future cause events in the past.” p. 115

[2] Princeton’s Richard Gott has a new book “Time Travel” (2001) with essentially this idea years after I suggested it starting around 1973 based on my contact in 1953.

[3] The influence of Harvard‘s Henry Dwight Sedgwick on my thought here is obvious.

[4] This precognitive remote viewing funded by the CIA and the DIA, as told in James Schnabel’s “Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies”, is a violation of quantum physics but not post-quantum physics. The mathematics of this is in papers by Antony Valentini.

[5] Book by Robert Anton Wilson

[6]  Heinz Pagels in “The Cosmic Code” also talks about this as well as his own dream of his death that came true.  Usama bin Laden talking of his 911 Attack on America, mentions such precognitive dreams in the horridly evil videotape released by the Pentagon.