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Event horizons are Nature's static LNIF detectors. Hawking's radiation is easily understood intuitively as energy from the gravity field at the null geodesic horizon of a black hole lifting virtual electron-positron pairs et-al from off-mass-shell to on-mass-shell. We are outside the observer-independent black hole horizon. The Unruh temperature of the real plasma at the event horizon is
T ~ (c^2/rs)(1 - rs/(rs +Lp))^-1/2 ~ (c^2/rs)(rs/Lp)^1/2   for static LIFs outside the horizon
However as r >>> rs
T ---> (c^2/rs)
The Wheeler-Feynman total absorber is dual to the above! We are inside our observer-dependent de Sitter dark energy future event horizon - we are at r = 0 in the static LNIF representation of Einstein's metric tensor field.
Now here is what I suspect I am the only one so far to realize - at least James Woodward does not know it, and until recently, I would have agreed with him. Also I was completely dissatisfied with Sean Carroll's "From Eternity to Here" because its great title, like Paul Davies "God and The New Physics" was false advertising - did not deliver on the implicate promise. God was nowhere to be found between the covers of Davies book, and why we age as the universe accelerates was not explained in Carroll's book. This is a vaporware trend in physics today started by Brian Greene and Michio Kaku on TV. Lest we forget, last but not least, the application of string theory to financial derivatives on Wall Street - Sting Theory - pardon me for rubbing salt on wounds. In another relevant case, talking about signal nonlocality in extended quantum theory without talking about consciousness and the paranormal is like a loveless marriage. ;-)
The Hare and The Tortoise
The pre-dark energy FRW cosmology had / = 0 without any finite future event horizon and without any natural explanation for irreversibility's arrow of time, why the entropy of the early universe was so small - why we age and die as space expands. Indeed from Wheeler and Feynman to Hoyle and Narlikar we know that retarded causality from past to future does not work when / = 0, but it does work for any / > 0. The reason is simple, eventually all real on-mass-shell quanta peter out like the Hare. Virtual quanta are like the Tortoise or super Energizer Bunny - they always win out in the end. Therefore, the initial cosmological redshift from the stretching of the de Broglie wavelengths will eventually give way to the blueshifting anti-gravity repulsive field of the virtual off-mass-shell bosons on the large scale doing work on them resulting in the Planck-scale limited temperature at the future dS horizon that they are inside of as r ---> /^-1/2. The hot plasma at the future horizon is completely opaque to any real quanta getting there. This plasma is self-generated by the real quanta themselves! If no real quanta attempt to cross, that region of space will be quiet.