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I start with the Wheeler-Feynman advanced potential to Hoyle-Narlikar’s future influence functional. I then invoke Cramer’s “transaction” and Aharonov’s pre-selection history/post-selection destiny double quantum state vector theories. I then use Tamara Davis’s 2004 cosmological Ph.D dissertation and chaotic inflation. I propose that our interior bulk accelerating comoving spacelike slice cosmological metric 3gij expansion rate in conformal time is a dynamical 3D back-from-the-future (final cause) retro-causal holographic image of 2D surface conformal quantum field fractional quantum statistical anyonic qubit patterns on our observer-dependent thermal future de Sitter (dS) event horizon non-bounding surrounding surface (2-cycle).  The dS horizon is the hologram “plate” that we are inside of at its “center.” The Type 1a supernovae dark energy density we measure in our past light cone is proportional to the Bekenstein area/entropy of our future dS event horizon at its intersection with our future light cone forming a Novikov globally consistent loop in time for the allowed Feynman quantum histories. Our observable patch of the multiverse is sandwiched between our FRW past particle horizon and our future dS event horizon. Our past particle horizon is the future light cone of the Alpha Point inflation moment of creation. Our future dS horizon is the past light cone of our world line extrapolated to infinite proper clock time at our Omega Point finite conformal dS time. This is not the same “Omega Point” of Frank Tipler’s Big Crunch final singularity. There is no final singularity in my model. Our future dS horizon area starts at “zero” at the Alpha Point and quickly approaches the constant asymptote of ~ 10^123 Bekenstein qubits of Planck area because of the finite speed of light and the anti-gravity of dark energy. Starting with Seth Lloyd’s idea, I propose that all thermal event horizons (both the observer-independent black holes we are outside of and our observer-dependent cosmological horizon we are inside of) are quantum computers. The Feynman influence functional of out future dS event horizon plays the same role as Wheeler-Feynman’s classical total absorber. Therefore, net retarded causality with hidden advanced influences on the large-scale is explained. Indeed, our future dS horizon is equivalent to a network of static Local Non-Inertial-Frame (LNIF) detectors of Planck-scale maximal acceleration. Therefore, by the Unruh-Hawking effect, all retarded photons and timelike massive particles crossing the horizon will appear maximally blue-shifted to them and their relative energy will create a totally absorbing electron-positron et-al plasma corresponding to Kip Thorne’s electrical membrane picture of event horizons. This will trigger the advanced signals back to the past emitters completing Cramer’s “handshake” closed loop transaction. Since the area of our future horizon hologram is obviously the upper bound of the total thermodynamic entropy of the interior bulk hologram retro-causally projected image and since that area is only 1 qubit at the Alpha Point moment of inflation, the entropy of our past observable universe is small compared to that of our future universe. Therefore, why we age as the universe accelerates is intuitively explained. In other words, the cosmological past and future boundary conditions needed for both net retarded causation (past to future) and the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Arrow of Time problem) are both understood simultaneously in one blow so to speak in a natural way within the world hologram conjecture. My model contradicts the different Big Crunch final singularity models of Penrose and Tipler. Just as the frictionless irrotational flow in superfluid helium comes from the gradient of a single Goldstone phase in the spontaneous broken U(1) symmetry ground state,  so do the four gravity tetrad  and six spin connection Cartan 1-form fields come from eight Goldstone phases of post-inflation macro-quantum coherent 4D super-solid “world crystal lattice” (Hagen Kleinert) “color” QCD vacuum superconductor (Frank Wilczek). This suggests a close relation between Einstein’s gravity and the massless SU3 color force of quarks. Finally, a prediction about dark matter is made. It is suggested that both repulsive large-scale dark energy and attractive smaller-scale dark matter are w = -1 residual pre-inflation false vacuum remnants. Dark energy is from virtual bosons of negative vacuum pressure and dark matter is from positive pressure disconnected virtual fermion/antifermion closed loops in the Feynman diagrams that cannot be neglected gravitationally because of the Einstein equivalence principle that special relativity is valid locally. The dark matter virtual fermion loops mimic w = 0 Cold Dark Matter (CDM) in gravity lensing and the constant stellar rotation curves. Therefore, dark matter does not consist of exotic real on-mass shell particles in this world model. The consensus on the nature of dark matter as particles whizzing through space is qualitatively wrong in my opinion and will yield a null result like the Michelson-Morley experiment for the motion of Earth through the aether.