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On Aug 9, 2010, at 1:19 AM, Ye olde Facebook wrote:

Ian Yekhlef flapped gums 'bout yours recent Tales

"In the 'Multiverse hierarchy' as presented by Tegmark. Level I denotes 'ergodic' space of Hubble volumes, which you identify with the VALIS mind of god super computer of the future, retrocausally influencing the past. How is this consistent with Level III multiverse ( As denoted by everettian QM such that 'all isolated physical systems are unitary' in the many world interpretation of QM)? If the VALIS supercomputer is influencing the past, all electrons would be 'entangled' with these advanced and retarded potentials. Everything is fixed in this future to past entangled state. There would be one physical system ( The VALIS supercomputer) influencing another physical system in the past.  The measurement problem would come into play,  I can't see how your idea is consistent with the EPR experiments and Bell's theorems. Us in the present collapsing the wave function would result in the decoherence of the advanced and retarded entangled electrons. This would result in a different future from the one the VALIS supercomputer in the future was influencing."

It's not clear that Level III is real. That is, quantum theory may not work on the large scale at all. That it does is a matter of faith. It may be an over-extrapolation. Macro-quantum phase coherence in the post-inflation vacuum changes the rules. The linear unitary Schrodinger-Dirac etc equation for entangled  micro-quantum waves in configuration space is replaced by a nonlinear non-unitary Landau-Ginzburg type equation in 4D spacetime for a non-entangled vacuum order parameter that remains coupled to the ordinary micro-quantum noise to be sure. The gravity tetrad fields of curved spacetime geodesics emerge as gradients of eight Goldstone phases in a toy model I am playing with.