Gareth Lee Meredith
Doctor, there seems to be among many things concerning consciousness, a problem which consists of how the human being has the ability to have a choice. Interestingly, quantum theories application of superpositioning which is the statistical probability of having a system exist in two states seems analogous to the idea that we can have two existing choices. Do you think it is possible that the ability for consciousness to deal with two possible outcomes at one time, could be related to the statistical nature of superpositioning principles? Indeed, has it not been suggested that everytime we decide something, a collapse in the wave function occurs?

Jack Sarfatti The rules change because of signal nonlocality as I explain in the journal of cosmology paper

Gareth Lee Meredith Is it always non-local, or can certain phenomena be tagged as a local event?

Gareth Lee Meredith See, the way I understand it is that probability fields govern everything, even macroscopic objects. If there is a state wave function governing everything, from micro to macro events, then surely it can be extrapolated that decisions, and the ability to have a multitude of choices arise from a probability field as well, which could be seen in it's most profound form of superpositioning?

Jack Sarfatti No, you are not understanding my paper. Born probability breaks down in emergent "more is different" order parameter. Macro-quantum theory has different rules from micro-quantum theory. It's a whole new ball game. It's a metamorphosis from linear unitarity in entangled configuration space to nonlinear non unitary unentangled 3D physical space with the former as noise coupled to the latter. Of course not even t'Hooft and Susskind understand this. ;-)

Gareth Lee Meredith Well, I am trying to understand it, mind you, I doubt my intelligence comes even near close to the likes of t'Hooft! :) That is to say also, it takes an intelligent man to make something only a handful can appreciate in it's fullest! .... so, as I seem to be understanding you, the Born probability, which is simply finding the square of the amplitude does not apply to a classical consciousness?

Jack Sarfatti Right ... also there is no such thing as a classical consciousness. Our consciousness is macro-quantum coherent with signal non locality with different rules from micro-quantum randomness with signal locality. The orthodox quantum theory of measurement breaks down completely when we have spontaneous breakdown of a continuous symmetry of the Hamiltonian in the ground state of an open complex system pumped far from thermodynamic equilibrium. The Born probability distribution rule breaks down for the rigid phase of the emergent macro-quantum coherent order parameter that is a local c-number field in ordinary 3D physical space. This results in signal non locality, i.e. controlled action at a distance at least within the macro-quantum coherence length.