Thanks this is an important paper that appears to be consistent with my general picture that our future de Sitter dark energy cosmological event horizon is the Wheeler-Feynman total absorber. However, see text I put in italics. They don't seem to like retro-causality?
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ITP-UU-11/29, SPIN-11/22 CCTP-2011-22, UFIFT-QG-11-06
Gauging away Physics
S. P. Miao∗
Institute for Theoretical Physics & Spinoza Institute, Utrecht University
Leuvenlaan 4, Postbus 80.195, 3508 TD Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
N. C. Tsamis†
Institute of Theoretical Physics & Computational Physics, and Department of Physics, University of Crete
GR-710 03 Heraklion, HELLAS
R. P. Woodard‡
Department of Physics, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611, UNITED STATES
We consider the recent argument by Higuchi, Marolf and Morrison [1] that a nonlocal gauge transformation can be used to eliminate the infrared divergence of the graviton propagator, when evaluated in Bunch-Davies vacuum on the open coordinate submanifold of de Sitter space in transverse-traceless- synchronous gauge. Because the transformation is not local, the equal time commutator of undifferentiated fields no longer vanishes. From explicit examination of the Wightman function we demonstrate that the transformation adds anti-sources in the far future which cancel the bad infrared behavior but also change the propagator equation. The same problem exists in the localized version of the recent argument. Adding such anti-sources does not seem to be legitimate and could be used to eliminate the infrared divergence of the massless, minimally coupled scalar. The addition of such anti-sources in flat space QED could be effected by an almost identical gauge transformation, and would seem to eliminate the well known infrared divergences which occur in loop corrections to exclusive amplitudes.

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Well Jack you could have least shared with  us the Link to your paper:

I was on my i-phone in a car that my girlfriend was driving. Easy enough for anyone to Google as you obviously did.
It would have been really cool if you could have related this to Puthoff’s research  when he was at  SRI .

Oh you mean I should have sent the physics work from 2011 back from Puthoff's future in 1973 via Ingo Swann's precognitive remote viewing? Good trick for an Alpha. Back in 1973 no one knew $hit from $hinola about this stuff. Dark energy was only discovered in 1998 though both Steven Weinberg and Michael Turner independently anticipated it but had a failure of nerve like Einstein had about the expanding universe.