Let me clarify and not get hung up on religious dogmas.

I have a physical model of consciousness that is quite universal.

It allows the classical gravitation field of Einstein to be conscious in the same sense that we are.

We are essentially conscious electromagnetic fields localized in our neurons.

My basic position is the same as Freeman Dyson in “Time Without End.”

I am not talking about spiritual values. That’s software programming.

I am only talking about the hardware and basic machine language so to speak.

Seth Lloyd has shown how the horizons of general relativity are quantum computers.

Our universe has a future de Sitter cosmological horizon of around 10^123 qubits related to the anti-gravity dark energy accelerating the spatial expansion rate of the universe.

Assuming the post-quantum quantum wave action-classical field reaction mechanism that in my theory generates conscious qualia, then it’s plausible to say our universe has a super consciousness, that because of Susskind’s world hologram idea, includes all of our consciousness as back from the future projections.

This is a pretty good definition of a GOD as a super-mind.

Now when it comes to morality, spirituality, ethics, theology nothing in the above model contradicts any statement in the Bible, the Koran or any other such pre-scientific writing. Those are all conscious software programs running on the cosmological hardware that I am talking about.