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"So would the theory here:
Be compatible with yours?"
It is my theory. However let’s be clear he may have discovered it independently since he appears to be a competent physicist. Also, he only has my fundamental idea of ZERO-G warp drive necessary to explain the TicTac. 
"That is, would understanding the spacetime field as a network of entangled bits of the quantum field, and being able to change the amount of entanglement between the bits of the quantum field (which seems to be what Sean Carroll is saying in one of the videos on the site) be equivalent to changing the stiffness of spacetime?"
Jack: No we do not need that. Sean Carroll is handwaving there. While ER = EPR (which I first suggested back in 1975 in primitive form) may play a role, the engineering is ready to do using conventional soft condensed matter physics and nanotechnology. The problem is already solved by me conceptually, but Robert you do not understand my equations sufficiently deeply to see this.
"To me it would appear that the whole discussion of gravitational lensing and related effects on that site would apply to Alcubierre type warp drives no matter exactly how such warps are generated, but I’m curious about the specific argument about how to generate the warping."
ANONYMOUS (A) also agrees with me and disagrees with a guy like Kevin Knuth that there are many different ways to understand the phenomenon.  he agrees with me there’s only one explanation of the phenomenon the one basically that I give. Now that said, my theory gives much more detail than his because A doesn’t have a mechanism on how to generate the warp drive. Also, A makes no mention of metamaterials, which is part of the engine to generate the warp drive. One interesting thing is that if you remember look back at my writings I talk about gravitational lens in changing the shape of the TicTac as seen by light rays.A says the same thing and he backs it up with all kinds of visual evidence. His visual evidence that I’ve never seen before and I think this website is really a leak from the Pentagon because it has some detailed stuff I’ve never seen.  But in any case, he’s like my Eddington going to Africa and measuring the gravitational bending of light around the sun. The evidence A provides is support and corroboration for my explanation of Tic Tac.  We are now an extremely strong position on the facts and people like Eric Davis Chris Mellon and Hal Puthoff and everyone else from TTSA and Bigelow’s old NIDs should start working with us constructively and stop gaslighting and obstructing our work.
I also know that the Navy has repudiated the Pais patents as I said they should

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Kim, for our next Stardrive Report Video you can open this in Keynote that is part of your standard Mac software you don’t need Powerpoint.
I will be combining some of David’s slides with
PS Note David Chester has physics degrees from MIT and PhD physics UCLA.