Right, this was also when Gregory Corso would crash at our place and I was involved with Ms S with me as Rodolfo. ;-)
Corso wrote at least one poem on my FTL physics ideas.

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Jack and I experienced a real 'magick' mushroom download with me shortly after he moved into my flat at Union and Grant in North Beach that confirmed quantum entanglement. This was either autumn of '82 or early '83. I was given some mushrooms that were psilocibin cubensis.I ate several of them and almost immediately, within less than a minute Jack looked at my and asked if i was tripping and I was shocked and said no, not at all. I told him I had in the last minute eaten something, but in no way was I feeling anything psychedelic yet.Mushrooms usually took about 45 minutes at least to come on fully.

He told me he could feel it very strongly and his face was flushed and pink.  After some time went by I realized I was not having any kind of psychedelic experience. I was stone cold sober, but Jack was tripping and acting like it, His talk was all about faster than light communication but I don't think the significance of exactly *how* he went on a psychedelic trip really hit him at that point. It was a full-blown 8 hour trip for Jack and I could feel the psychedelic energy radiating from him.This was around the time of Reagan's Star Wars idea that Jack was involved in through Cap  Weinberger Jr and  Alain Aspect's visit to North Beach.