Meteorites were recently discovered in an ancient tomb in Egypt fashioned as beads. The beads made from meteorite were worn by Egyptian royalty, but why? Some believe it is because meteorite, being from outer space, aided the Egyptians in Extraterrestrial communication.

Those who study the energetic and metaphysical properties of stones say that meteorite would help one to become ‘attuned’ to the vibration of the cosmos. It has been said that Ancient Egypt was very likely to have had extraterrestrial connections, based on the construction of the pyramids alone. There are some very interesting facts about the pyramids which make one question the assistance had in their assembly, such as the size of the boulders and the precision in which these massive stones fit together. That’s not all. The positioning of the 4 main pyramids line up exactly with the Orion star system. The perimeter of Giza, divided, gives you 3.14, the number of Pi, a seemingly impossible feat to have been random – and questionable at best whether this information would have been known by the humans living at the time of construction.

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