According to video Filmer, "I modified the TV zoom lens 7-100mm YH13x7.5 and added motorized zooming, simply I used the iris driver motor to drive the zoom mechanism and it works, these lens were adapted to a modified security camera LG LCB5100 (internal cut-off IR filter removed) with a 850nm IR filter, the 850nm IR filter was placed not at the front of the lens but at the back, that is the setup at the beginning of this footage.

Then I was starting to test this setup from indoors, moving the zoom, playing with it and then I detected these static spheres, I counted at least four, the wind do not have any effect on them, they are NOT visible to the naked eye, I went outside and I tried very hard to see them but nothing, I even placed a 950nm filter on a Sony HD camcorder and set the night shot. but the Sony was unable to focus into anything.

These spheres were just below cloud level, I can say that because when testing the zoom they were visible only on some intermediate zoom level, below or above that level they were not visible.

This is very weird, you almost can say that they behave like surveillance drones, but are these drones ours?

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