I still come across some really good cases that deserve to be in my book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. I copied these two cases from an unedited book manuscript written by Gary Opit. This first case not only shows high level extraterrestrial contact in the UK military, but also presents a very good explanation of the advanced extraterrestrial perspective directly from a human ET. It reminds me of Frank Stranges’ book The Stranger in the Pentagon. I find myself confronted frequently by the uninformed who ask, why don’t the ETs if they exist, come forward publicly? Why do they hide?

The second case presented confirms what I was told by a local contact person who had contact with what have been termed Nordics. I was told that these human ETs were collecting plants in my local area especially vegetables and fruits. He asked if he could taste a fruit from another planet and later was allowed a taste.

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