A Long Island resident was captivated for nearly 30 minutes with an odd orange ball of light in the sky on the evening of Aug. 17 near Sag Harbor. The observer reports the object moved across the sky slowly then just disappeared, only to reappear somewhere else. It would move around a bit, then wink out and reoccur somewhere else.  
You may be wondering why I’m starting this column with a Long Island sighting. It relates to someone recently asking me which New York cities had the most UFO activity. That’s a tough question, so I guess the issue really boils down to: Where are the state’s UFO hot zones?
Seeking an answer, I generated summary reports for each of New York’s 62 counties, using a sampling period from Jan. 1, 2008, to Aug 31, 2013. The deeper I got into the data, the more unexpected the results became.

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