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For us to establish the origins of the mysteries behind Dulce and Archuletta Mesa underground facility we must go back in time to the very beginnings of the inhabitants and where they actually came from. The knowledge acquired by Colonel X as he related all of his forbidden disclosures to author Anthony Sanchez is staggering. It all takes us on a journey that spans human history and beyond, even beyond our very own planet earth. This far reaching account, if it can ever be documented by a government sponsored release of secret documents, or by strong corroborating evidence, would shake the very foundations of human civilization. There have been minor corroborations of some evidence that does point to authenticity as with such players as Philip J. Corso and Phil Schneider, but it will take more.

Relax, sit back, and prepare for a bumpy ride through the darkened corridors of time and the unknown and we will embark on the fantastic. These inconvenient tales of the yet to be discovered seem awkward at first, but once they point us to the right directions in history we find that they are not so unbalanced after all. The more that we know, the more we must realize that we don’t know. We can never make altruistic assumptions without evidence, and that is strictly up to the degree of disclosure that we must seek from many unconventional sources. Yet, it is there waiting for us just like the distant stars in the cold distances of interstellar space. Truth is eternal, irrepressible, it never changes, only our ignorant perception of it ever changes.

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