“There is perhaps a fear that those medical records ...
might allow somebody to crack the door open to get in to find
out either that there has been a Presence from Elsewhere that has
been interacting with us? Or some sort of exotic weapons technology –
whether it's ours or (from) Them? But obviously, whatever it is, it's pretty big!”

- Pat Frascogna, Esq., representing John Burroughs

On Thursday, December 4, 2013, retired 53-year-old USAF Tech Sergeant John Burroughs sent letters to the Chairmen of the House and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs asking for help. He also sent copies to CNN, CBS, the Washington Post and Frontline. John was on security duty at the joint U. K. and American RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge air base near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, in the last week of December 1980. That’s when he and other Air Force colleagues encountered unidentified aerial lights, beams and at least one highly strange black, glassy, triangular vehicle in Rendlesham Forest surrounding the runway at RAF Woodbridge.

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