I have seen a lot of UFO documentaries, and after a while, they start to get boring. They tend to tell the same old stories, or promote some snake-oil-selling UFO "expert." Perhaps the biggest issue I take with UFO documentaries is that they never focus on what actually matters: the people at the center of the frenzy, and the trauma they experience.

By this measure, Alan Stivelman’s film Witness of Another World is the best documentary on the subject that I have ever seen.

Witness of Another World tells the story of Juan Pérez, a lonely gaucho who, as a young boy, allegedly had an encounter with an anomalous aerial vehicle and the strange entities inside. In the 1970s, this incident made headline news in South America and, as the documentary shows, very much ruined Pérez’s life. The film dives into Pérez’s life 40 years later. Living alone, Pérez is still haunted by his alleged encounter.

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