Still reeling from a brutal Monday night interview on HBO’s Axios, President Trump went to his safe place Tuesday, calling into Lou Dobbs’ show on Fox Business for a half-hour of flattery, softballs and rants about their enemies on the Left.

The 74-year-old conspiracy theorists wrapped things up by getting on the same page when it comes to the pandemic-plagued nation’s UFO situation.

“Your administration, you promised would be transparent and you have done your level best to do that despite the Deep State’s efforts to bury everything about as deeply as they could,” Dobbs said toward the end of Tuesday’s segment. “But I have one question as we conclude here.”

Striking a very somber tone, Dobbs cut to a question about undocumented aliens from afar.

“Actually a lot of my friends are very concerned about what the federal government is doing when it comes to UFOs,” he said “So if I could just ask you are we going to commit, are you going to commit more resources to exploring UFOs and open the documents to the public.”

The President, a former Barack Obama birther theorist like Dobbs, indulged and flattered his host.

“Well I think probably in this country you are the UFO expert, so I’m going to be totally guided by the great Lou Dobbs and I will tell you that I will do whatever you ask me to do, including total transparency,” Trump said. “I got to tell you, there’s probably some pretty good transparency needed there, there’s no doubt about that.”

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