Legendary NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong believed in alien life, his son has revealed.

Mark Armstrong, a Silicon Valley software engineer, was just six-years-old when his dad changed the course of history with his "giant leap for mankind."

It was during the summer of 1969, and the Armstrong clan went to Florida for the launch at Cape Canaveral and back to their Houston home to watch the rest of the mission and the all-important touchdown on July 20.

The first man on Moon, Armstrong died in 2012.

Were he alive today he would be marking his 90th birthday on August 5 – but his legacy lives on.


Reflecting on his dad's achievements, Mark, 57, said despite Armstrong touching the heavens in the historic Apollo 11 mission, he didn't admit to believing in God – but he did believe in alien life forms.


Speaking from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings last year, he said: "A lot of astronauts claim to have had a spiritual experience, that was not true of my father.


"My dad was an engineer and scientist first and foremost but had a wonderful spirit with a great sense of humour.


"Whatever religious beliefs he had he kept very close to the vest throughout his life.


"There have been a lot of claims from different religions about his converting to their religion, but none of that is true.


"But I once heard someone ask him if he believed in extraterrestrial life and his response was 'it would be arrogant not to'."

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