The residents of a remote jungle in Peru claimed that several extraterrestrials attacked them. However, other sources claimed that the culprit may not be aliens but illegal gold miners.

Several members of the Ikitu indigenous people in the remote rural district of Alto Nanay, northeast of Lima, claimed they were attacked by extraterrestrials. According to them, the culprits were seven-foot-tall, flying, armored aliens with large heads and yellow eyes. They reportedly looked like Green Goblin from "Spider-Man." The attacks allegedly happened every night since July 11.

Some residents claimed that the aliens resembled "los Pelacaras" (the Face Peelers), weird creatures from Peruvian folklore that eat human organs and fat. According to reports, a 15-year-old girl was kidnapped from behind and had her neck sliced when she protested.

Members of the community claimed that they were afraid and could not sleep.

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