In one of the most hair-raising and detailed Bigfoot encounter accounts I have ever heard, a U.S. Marine platoon is pinned down during a national park operation by a pair of massive Bigfoot.

"I've feared the repercussions of divulging this story for well over 20 years even after my discharge from active service. We were told the penalty would be without mercy. It was considered sensitive classified information.

In August 1995 my U.S. Marine platoon was conducting our third counter-narcotic JTF operation in a pre-selective national forest in California in a location I will keep secret. The past two summers yielded solid results with the identification and eventual eradication of several big-dollar marijuana grows in two different national forests. Federal law prohibits the military from acting as a police force. We were armed, but we were not allowed to engage or make arrests. Our job was to covertly insert into pre-designated areas chosen because of their remoteness and prior activity and from gathered intelligence of Mexican cartel informants who had knowledge of growth sites in and around this particular national forest. Our job was to find a water source, follow it, look for signs, and locate any growth sites, then set up an observation post and gather intelligence and monitor activity until the state and local law enforcement made the bust. We're only allowed to use deadly force if our lives were physically threatened and even then it would be a slippery slope, even if they spotted us and confronted us. We would insert wearing civilian clothes and posing as hikers or campers.

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