Jaw-dropping images reveal an "alien craft" watching Brits sunbathe on a Devon beach, a UFO hunter claims.

John Mooner, a full-time UFO investigator, was taking a day off at Exmouth Beach when he spotted something strange. He said: "I walked along the beach, heading toward the harbour, and once I finally reached the end of the beach, I turned around to look back.

"I then spotted something rather unexpected - I just happened to see an anomalous object over by some trees and several hotels. I quickly took a photograph, successfully capturing the anomalous object, just before it disappeared or cloaked away from view."
John is in absolutely no doubt about what it was."

He continued: "This is quite incredible and shows how prevalent this alien phenomenon is around Devon. I was not UFO-spotting this particular day and I still witnessed and captured a real sphere alien craft." The strange presence hovering over Exmouth can be seen in John's photos, taken with a Nikon Coolpix L26 camera on Tuesday at around 6pm.

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