Skinwalker Ranch is not only the source of mysterious phenomena and UFOs, but it’s also been at the center of a heavily funded federal government investigation that’s still classified to this day. Brandon Fugal purchased the ranch in April 2016, and revealed in a recent interview that Robert Bigelow had a dark, disturbing reason for selling the ranch and stepping away from the Skinwalker research. Bigelow himself confirmed the rumors in a recent interview last month. 

Fugal shared stories about the ranch during an August 2023 multi-hour interview with the Shawn Ryan Show on YouTube. During the interview, he revealed how he acquired the ranch and why Robert Bigelow, the former owner, had decided to sell it. 

Around 1:21 into the interview, Fugal shared that before acquiring Skinwalker Ranch, he had worked with a young tech mogul in 2009-2010 who had UFO encounters and thought he had discovered technology that could enable anti-gravity. Fugal devoted resources to ultimately debunking the claim.

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