UFOs and aliens are once again in the headlines this week.

Unfortunately, this is not because a mothership landed on the White House lawn, but because NASA released a long-awaited report published by the independent study team the agency commissioned to study unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP). UAP is the new term for UFOs, encompassing not only unexplained things in the air but also in space, under water and everywhere in between.

However, the release of NASA's first UFO report wasn't the only story about possible non-human lifeforms to make headlines this week. According to Reuters, lawmakers in Mexico heard testimony this week about the presence of alien life on Earth that included two "corpses of extraterrestrials." These alleged alien corpses looked "white and like stereotypical depictions of aliens — big head, little body, three fingers," NPR reported.

The supposed alien mummies (well, the creepy ... whatever they are) were displayed by Jaime Maussan, a longtime UFO personality with a history of hoaxing alleged non-human remains. Despite Maussan's history of faking alien corpses and mummies, the story has now gone wide — so wide, in fact, that it was brought up during NASA's briefing about the new UAP report which took place on Thursday (Sept. 14). 

During Thursday's briefing, BBC News Digital journalist Sam Cabral asked whether or not NASA has been in touch with Mexican authorities about "the rather sensational revelations" concerning the alleged alien mummies. In response, the chair of NASA's UAP study team, David Spergel, responded that if there is any evidence of alien remains, then those in possession of the material should make it publicly available for study.

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