A mother-of-two has claimed she has been visited by aliens after she said she experienced a string of strange events including spotting a “UFO the size of a football field”, finding “suction markings” on her body and waking up to find herself surrounded by “circling bright lights”.

Joelle Burns, 39, from Atlanta in the United States, said she has been left with “so many questions” after experiencing three encounters she believes were extraterrestrial and hopes that by sharing her stories, more people will come forward. The mother-of-two was left gobsmacked after spotting a mysterious unidentified disc-shaped object the “size of a football field” hovering over the horizon during a late-night fishing trip in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Earlier this year, Joelle noticed “perfectly cylindrical” blemishes on her left shoulder, which she said had never happened before and remained for more than week, before she began to wonder whether they could be “alien markings”. A few months later she was awakened in the middle of the night by “circling bright lights” and said she was afraid of opening her eyes for fear “someone or something” would be leaning over her.

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