A Bigfoot believer was convinced that he had found a nine-inch print from the legendary beast.

Sharing the news to Facebook, 'Bigfoot Believers' group member Chuck Headley posted a number of images showcasing what looked like an outline of a rather large foot in some sloppy mood. The mysterious print, which was spotted in Ritchie County, West Virginia, had the outline of five stumpy toes and seemed to show that the beast had strolled out of a small body of water.

To authenticate the images, the social media user added a tape measure across the footprint, showing how big it was in size. While the images where somewhat convincing, sceptics were still cynical as they all asked the same thing - 'Why only one print?'

One user, Ron Martin, said: "*sigh* Why is there always only ONE footprint? What? Bigfoot only hops on one foot then lands a mile away?"

Good question. ;-)

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