House lawmakers left a Friday classified briefing on UFOs, referred to as unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) by the government, with mixed feelings, some frustrated with the limited information and some claiming they were given more clarity on last summer’s explosive testimony on the unexplained sightings. 

The closed-door briefing at the Capitol Building — where Thomas Monheim, inspector general of the intelligence community, spoke with House Oversight and Accountability Committee members — lasted about 90 minutes and was meant to improve transparency around the government’s knowledge of UAP. 

The secretive meeting comes after a hearing in July when the three former Defense Department officials told the panel’s national security subcommittee that UAP sightings could pose national security risks. 

The public hearing featured jaw-dropping testimony from former military intelligence officer and whistleblower David Grusch, who asserted the Pentagon and other agencies are withholding information about UAP — including shrouding a “multi-decade” program trying to reverse engineer nonhuman technology the U.S. government has retrieved from crash sites and now possesses. The Pentagon denies his claims. 

But several lawmakers emerged from the briefing saying they barely gleaned any new information about Grusch’s accusations.

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